About Richard

Hi! 👋 I'm Richard & I make great things for awesome people!

I'm a web developer with 4+ years of experience.

Often referred to as a "Polyglot", I'm comfortable with a variety of tools. Typically I'll be digging in with React, architecting CSS in & out of JavaScript, or orchestrating 3D animations with WebGL & Three.js. I enjoy flexing my skills with creative coding.

Whatever the tools used, I thrive on bringing ideas to life. I take pride in crafting innovative solutions with polished user experiences. This whilst possessing a keen eye for design, accessibility, performance, and well-structured code.

Rembert Designs Rembert Designs Rembert Designs Rembert Designs Rembert Designs Rembert Designs

I'm a CodePenGithub advocate, and share eye-catching demos on Twitter. I share my creative process on YouTube & talk about fun topics when starting projects on Twitch . I write code-related blogs on Hashnode , Medium, and Dev.to . (follow me @RembertDesigns on all platforms ☝🏾).


Spare Time

Away from the keyboard in my "spare" time I could be doing any number of things. I'm pretty into fitness & daily bike riding. I occasionally post on Instagram.

Outside of that, I'm building cool lego sets, collecting art & really into landscape & street photography. If I'm not in New York, I'm traveling! 

Got an opportunity to discuss? A project you'd like to discuss? Maybe want to say "Hi!"? Reach out!